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Lot clearing is the process of removing obstacles such as stones, stumps, trees, and brush from a piece of land. Lot clearing is important because it reduces fire damage risk by creating a fire break between your home and the area surrounding it. 

Lot clearing additionally gives firefighters the ability to stand a safe distance away from your property to properly put any potential fires out. While it can be difficult to initially see the benefit of clearing away trees from your property, lot clearing is ultimately safer for you and the surrounding environment.

What equipment is used for lot clearing?

The equipment used for lot clearing depends on the species habitation, vegetation density, terrain, moisture, and soil stability in the area. Your lot clearing service will assess the land for these factors and address any concerns about the obstacles and environment.

From there, the lot clearing service will choose the right machines and equipment to begin clearing the land. Equipment typically includes excavation mulchers, skid steer tractors, tracked or wheeled mulching units, and other tools.

In some cases, manual lot clearing is necessary to prune or remove dangerous vegetation that can’t be removed using heavier equipment. Manual land clearing allows your lot clearing service to accurately remove obstructions with chainsaws and handheld equipment. Obstacles that are cleared away manually are then placed on trucks and transported away.

How long does lot clearing take?

There are several factors that impact the time it takes to clear land including lot size, the purpose behind the lot clearing, the density of the vegetation on the land, the number of trees and stumps, the amount and size of brush on the land, travel time, and the ease of access to the lot. On average for one acre of land with the proper equipment and a large enough team, the process can take between three to four hours. The process may take longer if manual lot clearing is needed more than necessary.

Lot clearing allows you to take greater advantage of the land around your property while reducing the risk of fire damage by keeping fires contained. Consider lot clearing to protect your property and its surrounding environment today.


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