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A homeowner will need to keep constant track of their house’s state of repair, and this ranges from checking the pipes for leaks all the way to the siding, foundation, spray foam insulation and, of course, the roof and gutters. All houses have roofs, to keep warm or cool air inside and prevent outside sunlight, wind, water, and debris from getting inside the home. A solid roof is leak proof and tough, but if a roof is very old or suffers blunt trauma, then it is liable to leak warm or cool air and allow water to leak into the house. This can be an expensive and uncomfortable hassle, so regular home roof inspections can be done to check the roof and gutters regularly for any developing problems. What might go wrong with the roof so that emergency roof repair services are required, or routine residential roofing services? In some cases, gutter repairs must be done as well.

Calling For emergency Roof Repair Services

A roof that suffers major trauma is not going to function properly as a roof, and a homeowner won’t put up with that for long. Leaks in an asphalt single roof are one thing; missing entire chunks of the roof is another. How can this happen? Powerful storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes can create winds that blow off a roof piece by piece, or perhaps even the entire thing at once. Windblown debris may smash right into the roof and blast off many tiles or break the wood, and create huge holes in the roof. Meanwhile, lightning strikes are known to blast holes in roofs, and a large falling tree branch (or the entire tree) can break a roof wide open. Such huge holes in the roof allow rain water to get into the house with impunity, and home insulation is practically impossible.

Once a storm is over, a homeowner can and should look up emergency roof repair services in their area, and workers from these emergency roof repair services will place tarps and other temporary surfaces on the roof to seal the holes. Doing this will keep rain and debris out of the attic, and help reduce the loss of warmed or cooled air. This is just a temporary measure, though, until professional roofing installation or replacement can be done soon. After a hurricane dies down, a homeowner who just lost their roof will certainly want some tarps and covers to protect their attic and home from further problems.

Roofing Repair Done Right

Not everyone is getting their roofs blown apart by hurricanes. Most often, roofs develop leaks from years of expanding and contracting from variances in temperature and humidity, and this can warp the wood and cause cracks and holes to appear. Worse, tiles can rot and fall off of the roof, or large hail may damage the roofing. All of this trauma allows rain water and melting snow to leak right into the attic, and intruding water will warp the attic’s wood and spur mold growth. Deeper into the house, leaking water will rot and damage drywall, short out electrical components in the walls, and pool on the floor.

A homeowner may directly or indirectly diagnose a faulty, leaky roof, and look up residential roof repair companies online and compare and contrast them. Once a crew is hired, the workers will repair or replace any faulty or missing tiles, and they can also pour liquid rubber to seal up cracks and holes (and prevent new ones from forming), thus preventing leaks. What is more, squirrels are known to chew their way into attics and cause property damage inside, so roofers can remove those intruding animals, seal up the holes they made, and apply paint or glue that will repel further animal attacks.

If a roof is very old and leaky, it may be more cost efficient to have the entire thing removed and replaced with a newer, tougher roof free of leaks. A house flipper who buys a very old house may opt to do this, for example, and the new roof can be either shingle style or metal. Metal roofs are very durable and long lasting, and they are cost efficient to install, making them an attractive option for roof replacement.


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