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As a homeowner, your roof is extremely important to keep in its best condition. Roofs can last ten to twenty years with proper maintenance. However, there comes a time when a roofing replacement cannot be put off any longer. It is an expense that typically wants to be avoided.

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Replacing your roof can add new value to your home though. In this video, you will learn about the signs that indicate a roof replacement is needed.

Hiring professional roofers to do an inspection of your structure is certainly a good idea. Having an expert evaluate your roof will give you the confidence that the job will be done correctly. Some indications that a new roof is necessary are dark spots that can turn into blistering sections. Blistering occurs due to an overheating roof over many years. During blistering, roofing granules become dislodged, resulting in openings that are created to the exterior. This can result in leaks into your home during a rainstorm. .


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