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Home decor takes a wide variety of forms, and can encompass anything from the furniture style and arrangement to repainting the walls to using scented candles or creating a home studio or gym. One way a room’s walls or a piece of furniture’s surfaces can be remodeled is through the use of peel and stick paneling. Peel and stick paneling can give any surface, such as a wall, a charming look of vintage wood without the expense or maintenance of actually buying a wall or panels made of that material. DIY wall planks are another option for remodeling a wall, such as creating a home studio or redoing a bedroom to give it a more rustic, countryside look. How can a person make use of peel and stick paneling to get a remodeling job done?

Part of the Decor

Often, making use of cosmetic home products like stick on wood panels or peel and stick wood accent wall materials is part of a more complete package. It is possible for a homeowner to totally redecorate a room or even the entire home to suit a theme or color palette, and many exist to choose from to suit a variety of tastes. Someone may opt for a minimalist, modern art deco look emphasizing right angles, white surfaces, and simple lamps and framed photos for a space that visually breathes. Or, a countryside, rustic look may be preferred, and it is in this decor style that peel and stick paneling with wood designs can be most useful. Stick on wood planks can also contribute to this new theme, and if a person wishes, they may find peel and stick paneling of different designs for different decor styles. But what about the rustic look?

Merely putting stick on wood panels to a room’s walls does not fully flesh out a new, fresh countryside look; there is more. Furniture can have a Mission-style theme that makes use of dark colored wood, simple and practical designs, and brass and copper handles and knobs for a no-nonsense vibe, something very different from a Victorian or Edwardian posh look, for example. Lamps can be made with wood vases or dark colored metal in simple shapes, and the shades may even be made of imitation stained glass. Couches and chairs can be made with leather padding, and some pieces of furniture can be bought that appear to be made of hewn logs. Other designs such as a gun safe, taxidermy animals, and paintings of the outdoors can contribute even more to this theme, and on top of all this, peel and stick paneling can round out the look and give it a visual cushion. This also allows the home to look like an old-fashioned, wood-walled home without the massive undertaking of actually remaking the walls or building a new home.

Installing stick on wood panels or other visuals on the walls can be done alone, or interior decor contractors can be hired to take care of it, especially in the case of stick on wood panels. Prices may vary based on the materials and the size of the home, and a homeowner is encouraged to call several similar contractors and compare their prices, location, and availability to see which is the best deal, and one these contractors are hired, they can measure a home’s interior walls, clean them off for better adhesion, and apply the panels as desired.


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