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Preparing your home for winter might seem like a hassle, but as long as you remember to complete certain tasks, the whole process will become infinitely easier for you and your family. Here are a few tasks you should complete before winter makes its frosty entrance.
Check Your Roofing
If there’s one thing you don’t want to happen this winter, it’s roof damage. If you remember to check your roof or hire a roofing company to do so, you can properly assess and repair damages. Most roofing contractors will make small repairs in lieu of bringing a team of roofers to replace your whole roof.
Caulk Around Windows and Doors
The majority of heat in your home escapes through small cracks and holes like the ones around your doors and windows. If you caulk around those areas, you can most likely keep your home warmer and your energy bill lower.
Clean the Gutters
The leaves on the ground might look pretty, but the ones in your gutters certainly don’t. Not only can they prevent water from flowing, they can contribute to serious ice damage in the winter.
Divert Water
Yet another component of gutter maintenance, and perhaps the most important. If you don’t divert water away from your home, your foundation could potentially suffer serious ice and water damage over the seasons.
Mulch Leaves When You Mow
Rather than raking your leaves and then mowing the lawn, kill two birds with one stone and mulch while you mow. Not only does it save you time on yard work, it provides ample fertilizer for your lawn over the harsh winter months.
Call a Chimney Sweep
Before winter arrives, you should have all of your vents and your chimney clean. A roofing company may be able to inspect your chimney, but you should entrust its cleaning to a chimney sweep.
Prepping your home for winter can be a lot of work, but if you remember to complete all of these tasks before the season arrives, you should be prepared before the first snowfall. Read more about this topic at this link. This is a great source for more.


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