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In most places, heating services are among the most important for any homeowner- right up there with the cooling system! Maintaining the ac heating and cooling unit is an important part of routine maintenance and repair work that any homeowner needs to be keeping up with. The worst possible time for issues is in the middle of a heatwave or cold snap. This is why heating and ac repair jobs need to be done as soon as a problem is detected rather than waiting till things totally break down or there is a major malfunction in the system.

The best way to ensure your AC ventilation system, as well as the heating components of the system, stay in good working order is to practice routine inspections. At least once a year and preferably before the hot and cold seasons, an inspection can help address any issues ahead of the peak in usage. Bringing in the pros is also a good way to ensure other aspects of the HVAC systems, such as the air conditioner and ventilation system and the ductwork and thermostat are all in good working order.

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The HVAC industry (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) in the U.S. is worth over $70 billion, and for good reason — since the invention of modern air conditioning in the early 20th century, HVAC systems have become commonplace in nearly all buildings, new and existing. With an estimated 300,000 people employed in over 85,000 HVAC/heating and cooling companies in the U.S., there are a wide variety of options from which consumers can choose. In order to have an idea of how to find the proper fit, the following are the top 5 qualities of a furnace and AC repair company.

The Top 5 Qualities of a Furnace and AC Repair Company

1. Good Reputation
The reputation of any company, HVAC industry or otherwise, is top priority. It is important to look up the history of potential heating and cooling contractors — read up on their level of experience as well as their relationships with past clients.

2. Proper Certification
Make sure that the HVAC company you’re looking into is highly qualified and has the proper licensing and insurance. Qualified HVAC companies will hire North American Technician Excellence (NATE)-certified technicians to install/maintain heating and cooling systems.

3. Quality Products
HVAC companies that offer the best Energy Star-rated products are the ones to look out for. Companies that aren’t as skilled tend not to offer the latest products (ex: Energy Star products) because they can be much more difficult to install. Steer clear of these companies.

4. Well-Rounded
Make sure that your company has experience installing/maintaining and repairing both heating and cooling units. Some companies only specialize in one or the other.

5. Availability
Around-the-clock availability is a must, because your HVAC system can go out at any time. Places that specify that they’re ’24 hour furnace repair’, etc, are the ones to prioritize because they will be able to send over a contractor or technician if your system breaks after normal business hours.

In short, a well-rounded HVAC company with the proper reputation and certification, that sells quality products, and has 24-hour availability is one to seek out. Working with a company that meets all of those criteria will ensure that your HVAC unit lasts the proper lifespan of 12-15 years. Ger more information on this topic here.


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