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It is very easy to take the roof of a building for granted. It provides a lot of protection, and likely no one would be able to function in the building without it. However, because it does not require a lot of intervention in order to do its function, a lot of people do not spend a lot of time thinking about everything that it provides until something goes wrong with it. When there is even the smallest leak, people will generally stop taking a roof for granted. This is when it will be a good idea to be in touch with roofing professionals who will be able to fix the problem. If you have a flat roof, as opposed to a sloped roof, there are professionals who specialize in dealing with these issues.

If you are in need of professionals who are going to take care of problems with a flat roof on an office building, you might want to call commercial roof repair services in your area, particularly ones who specialize in flat metal roof repair or some other type of flat roof repair. These individuals will be able to give you guidance in terms of fixing your roof, as well as tell you about all sorts of relevant concepts, such as the flat roof advantages and disadvantages, flat roof angle implications, flat roof covering options, and more.

Residential roofing costs

Flat roof leaks are often best left to residential roofing contractors, especially since flat roof types can be dangerous to walk on when weakened by water.

However, if your roof is leaking just a little, you may be able to take care of it yourself.

Before you can fix a leaking roof, you need to find the source of the leak. This is a good idea whether you’re planning on calling roofing repair companies or doing the fix yourself.

Flat roof types generally consist of layers of tar and roofing felt. Leaks tend to happen at lower spots on the roof where felt has been damaged or worn down. Luckily, this makes leaks on flat roof types fairly easy to spot. Usually, water comes in directly below the easily visible spot where the roofing felt is damaged.

If the roof is safe to walk on, you can soak up excess water with rags or a mop and allow the surface of your roof to dry. Once you clean the spot of, you may see cracks in the felt, or you may see blisters where the layers have been forced apart.

You can mend blisters by cutting them down the center with a utility knife, taking care to cut only the damaged layer and not the roofing felt underneath. Lift the edges of the cut and squeeze out any water, than soak it up with rags or a mop. Once you’ve got it flattened out, let it dry.

When the blister is dry, you can spread a coating of roof cement on the bottom edges of the loose felt and press the blister back down. You can use roofing nails to seal the blister and spread roof cement over the entire patch, including the nails.

Small blisters can often be repaired without professionals, but if water has seeped under a large area of your roof, it may mean that water is running in from another source, like a pitched roof connected to your flat roof. These repairs are best left to professional roof repair companies.

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