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updating bedroom dressers

Home remodeling continues to rise in demand. By 2021, U.S. kitchen cabinet demand is expected to grow to almost $17.1 billion. One common type of remodeling many homeowners desire is updating bedroom dressers. New paint, soft close drawer slides, and many other options can help you give your dresser an upgrade. Here are some tips on updating bedroom dressers.

1. Add new paint

The easiest solution to updating bedroom dressers is to paint them in a new color. It can take time re-painting your dresser as you have to take out all of the drawers to do it. It’s important to carefully decide on a color you’re sure you’ll be happy with so you don’t end up doing it all over again for a while. Re-painting your dresser can also be helpful in hiding any dents or flaws that it may have. If indoor air quality is of particular focus to you, you could also consider using low VOC paint on your bedroom dresser. In addition to the paint you choose, you can also decide on a unique design for your dresser to really make it pop. There are various patterns you can look through, such as geometric patterns or a faux zebrawood style. Browse through different patterns to decide on one that makes you happiest.

2. Install soft close drawer slides

One complaint most people have with bedroom dressers is the drawers can be loud when they’re closing. Soft close drawer slides can be helpful in solving that problem. They’re designed to slow the closing action and decrease the sound of the drawer when it closes. You first need to remove the drawer from the dresser and unscrew the current drawer glide and the dresser glide as well. Once you’ve done that, align the soft close drawer glides with the bottom part of the drawer. Use a pencil to mark the placement, and screw the glide into place. Do the same steps for the other side of the drawer. Once you’ve done that, remove part of the clip from the dresser, and attach mounting clips on to the glide. Lastly, use your screwdriver to screw in the face frame clip and the back mounting clip, and your soft close drawer slides will be installed.

3. Install dresser drawer locks

Adding new drawer locks can also be a part of updating bedroom dressers. You may store private items in your dresser that you want sole access to. You might store items that you don’t want your children to touch. Dresser drawer locks can provide that essential layer of security. The first step is to empty the drawer and remove it from the dresser. Determine the center of your drawer with measuring tape and mark the point. Get the measurement of the circumference of your bolt, then drill where you want the shaft to go into the dresser drawer. Be sure to sand the interior edges afterwards. After removing the bolt and O-ring from the back of the shaft, insert the lock in the drilled hole. When you have the key slot placed in a vertical position, put the O-ring back in place, press it to the back of the drawer, and screw the screws through it. Replace the bolt, and then you’ll be done.

Updating bedroom dressers can be a challenging but satisfying way to upgrade your home. These tips are among the many ways you can fix them up. Follow all of these instructions carefully to help you get your bedroom dresser looking the way you want.


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