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Indoor air quality huntsville al

Your home’s HVAC system is going to be critical to keeping your house cool this summer. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that July and August will be extremely humid and sticky this year, so making sure your HVAC system is running smoothly will be the key to your comfort.

So, it would be best for homeowners to check their heating and air conditioning units before 90-degree weather hits.

Here are few ways to know if you are in need of HVAC repair.

  • Freon Leakage. The main refrigerant in your unit is Freon. In most cases, this will never need replacement or refilling, unless there is a leak in your system. You will want to look for ice on the evaporator coils, or you can even apply water and soap to the area where Freon is located on your unit, and if it bubbles, you know there is a leak. Loss of Freon results in insufficiently cooled air.
  • Unresponsive Thermostat. Most modern AC units run through a thermostat. These devices are connected to the AC unit’s main power source, and when a homeowner turns the thermostat to the “cool” setting, the AC unit should automatically turn on. If you find that your thermostat is not responding to your settings, there may be something wrong with either the thermostat or your AC unit.
  • Loud Noises. While heating and air conditioning systems are not the quietest units in a home, they are certainly not the loudest. If you notice loud banging sounds coming from your AC unit, you may need to have a technician open up your unit to see what is causing the abnormal noises. The belt on your AC’s motor could have popped off, or you could have some loose bolts or hardware.

If you do notice any of these problems in your AC unit, call an HVAC technician immediately. It is better to get your unit taken care of before the problem worsens and you have to spend thousands of dollars on replacing your entire unit. Find out more here.


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