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Repairing foundation leaks

You don’t see it that often, but your home’s foundation is one of the most important components of your home’s construction. The foundation holds your house above the ground, keeps out moisture and acts as an insulator.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you know when your foundation is in need of repair. Investing in foundation sealing and repair early can help you prevent more expensive damage later on.

Here are the top five signs that your home’s foundation is in need of repair:

1. Basement cracks and leaks: If you discover that your basement leaks when it rains or has visible cracks in its walls, then your foundation is at risk for water damage. By hiring foundation repair contractors to perform a foundation sealing or basement waterproofing, you can help prevent further water damage from taking place.

2. Doors fail to latch or shut: A damaged foundation can cause the doorways in your house to not work like they should. Foundation sealing and repairs are necessary to make sure your house’s framework doesn’t continue to be warped by moisture and water damage.

3. Visible mold growth: Mold can start growing in your home in as little as 24 to 48 hours if given the right environment. It’s also extremely hazardous for humans and animals, especially those with respiratory problems. If you notice mold growth in your basement, you’ll need to hire a mold removal company as well as a foundation sealing company.

4. Stains and rust on floor or carpeting: Seeing stains and rust on the floors of your home means that water damage is affecting your home, and you should hire a foundation sealing company to help reverse the water damage.

5. Puddles or other signs of moisture: If you notice puddles in either your basement or the upper part of your house, then your foundation isn’t doing its job of keeping moisture from the ground out of your home. A foundation sealing job can help make sure your foundation doesn’t let in any more moisture. Get more here:


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