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If you have a basement in your home, there is some special care that the area will need. Basements tend to have problems with the accumulation of water, and you will need the best drainage pump available to keep that water out. To find the best combo sump pump for your basement, you will need to read plenty of product reviews for them. You can do this even if you plan to buy it in person at a local store.

If you’re looking for the best exterior sump pump, the models will be much different from the best home sump pumps that are meant for indoors. Be sure that you know exactly where it will go before you choose your model. If you are replacing your old sump pump, the new sump pump replacement can be an upgrade from the last one in order to serve you better.

When you have a basement, the water that accumulates in it can be coming from different directions. Some people have water issues in that area because of heavy rains that end up running into your basement. Other people have a problem with the groundwater getting too high and flooding the basement.

Basement leaks

No homeowner wants a basement full of water, but unfortunately the basement is the room most prone to water damage in a house. While most homeowners are likely to face wet basement problems at some point, there are ways to minimize moisture and ensure that any water that finds its way in is quickly taken out. A basement sump pump is a great way to dry out basements that have frequent water issues, and they can be a savior when heavy rain storms hit and causing major flooding in homes that are normally dry.

A sump pump is a great interior basement waterproofing method, but homeowners should perform regular checks on them to ensure that they are working properly. A broken sump pump doesn’t do any good, but how can homeowners tell if they need sump pump repair? Here are a few of the common warning signs:

    1. Strange Sounds – As with most machines, when a sump pump starts making funny noises, there is most likely something wrong with it. Noises coming from a sump pump are often times an indication that dirt or other debris has clogged the system. When this happens, the sump pump can become damaged and can stop doing its job altogether, leaving homeowners with no line of defense against water leaks. Fortunately, this type of sump pump repair can be easily handled by your local plumber.


    1. Funky Smells – Strange smells coming from a sump pump are another issue that should never be ignored. When a sump pump starts to smell, it usually means that the system is backed up, leaking or that mold has started taking over the pump. Mold especially can be a pain to clean up, and it can even pose health risks for people in the house. Homeowners should take care of a stinky sump pump as soon as they detect an odor.


  1. Water in the Basement – This may sound like an obvious sign, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If water all of a sudden begins to build up in the basement, a damaged sump pump is likely the root of the problem. Water that is left unattended to for too long can cause all sorts of damage to a home’s interior structures, and it can leave homeowners with expensive repairs. Homeowners shouldn’t wait to call for help when they notice that water is rising in the basement.

These three things are common indications that it is time for sump pump repair. Being aware of the signs of sump pump damage can help homeowners protect their property from serious water damage and avoid expensive home repairs. Check out this site for more.


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