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Steel windows

Homes are susceptible to all kinds of emergencies, from break-ins to damage from inclement weather. Yet many business owners also fail to realize that their commercial properties are also subject to the same issues. Just as steel doors are meant to provide extra security and insulation for commercial and residential properties, steel-framed windows can also add these features to a business.

Why are steel windows a must-have for commercial properties? Here’s why these windows are so vital for businesses:

    1. Hazard safety: Just as home ownership comes with certain hazards, so does running a business. From storms to fires, any number of things can go wrong on a commercial property. Depending upon what type of property it is, owners may also be responsible for keeping others safe — for example, at a school or in an apartment building. Fire rated windows are also responsible for keeping workers, customers, tenants, and students safe, as there are around 1.24 million fires per year in the U.S. New commercial windows and doors can help businesses make safety a priority.

    2. Burglary prevention: On average, a home invasion occurs once every 13 seconds, and businesses don’t fare much better. Around 30% of break-ins are traced back to an unlocked window or door. Installing steel windows gives property owners a more secure way to protect these points of entry, especially for windows that can’t be opened. This is also another way to keep building occupants and a business’s assets safe at all times.

    3. Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is big for many home and business owners, yet many don’t realize that their windows could be causing their heating and cooling bills to go up. Approximately 15 to 22% of the energy loss in buildings is caused by the windows, and with older, single-pane windows, that loss is even greater. New steel windows may cost a bit more for a business, but those with low-e coatings can saving property owners between 30 and 50% on their energy bills.

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