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Tree trimming northern virginia

Yikes, is it August already? With Fall just around the corner, it’s time to be preparing your trees and shrubbery for the long and hard winter that will inevitably follow. Here’s a fall tree care checklist to ensure that your tree maintenance is up to snuff:

  1. Fertilization
    When trees go through extreme temperature changes during the summer and winter, they experience a severe loss of fertilizer. Because of this, it’s important to replenish trees with a slow release fertilizer and by practicing root fertilization. Think of the fertilizer as an immune booster shot that protects the tree from disease, helps with pest management, and keeps it growing healthy and strong.
  2. Hydration
    After a long summer, trees also need to be significantly hydrated. During the winter, the ground will freeze and it may be more difficult for the tree to get the hydration that it needs. Because of this, professional tree care experts say that fall is the time to really take care of your tree’s thirst.
  3. Plant a Tree
    While many believe that planting season is best done in the spring, the fall is also an ideal time to plant trees. Because of the moderate temperatures, trees have plenty of time to take root and begin the sprouting process before the harsh winter strikes.
  4. Prepare Your Trees for the Chill
    When winter hits, you know what means! Lots of snow, chilling temperatures, ice and frost. These elements, combined with the heaviness of snow and wind, can make your trees susceptible to stress and damage. Not only is this dangerous for the tree itself, but for homes and power lines surrounding it. Before danger strikes, take the necessary measures to ensure that your trees are as safe as possible. This means practicing tree trimming and pruning, as well as tree cabling. Tree cabling steadies trees and ensures that they will remain intact.


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