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Grease trap treatment

Indoor plumbing is probably one of the most taken for granted aspects of life, but it is not a new one. There is evidence of indoor plumbing that goes back as far as Ancient Egypt and 2500 B.C.E. These days, we spend about a total of about three whole years of our lives sitting on the toilet. With that much time spent on the toilet, our plumbing ought to be in good working order, and part of keeping up functioning plumbing is knowing when to hire a plumber.
The toilet is not the only essential part of plumbing. If you have clogged drains or a clogged sewer line, this is a time when you will want to hire a plumber. The two most commonly clogged drains in American homes are the bathroom drain and kitchen sink. Hiring a professional plumber is your best bet to make sure all of your drains and lines are clean and free from debris. You should also know when to hire a plumber to keep your faucets from leaking. A leaky faucet can produce about 180 gallons of water per month, which can be remedied with professional plumbing.
Knowing when to hire a plumber also comes in handy when it comes to finding out when to replace a water heater. If the pilot on your gas water heater is flickering out, that may indicate that it needs to be fixed or completely replaced. A new water heater is probably not a bad idea, considering that newer water heaters are about 20% more energy efficient than older water heaters. If you would rather, you can also discuss the benefits of a tankless water heater with your plumber.
Plumbing may have been around since the Egyptians, but that does not mean we all know how to repair or replace it. Knowing why and when to hire a plumber is necessary for keeping one of the most relied upon parts of life working for us.
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