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Glass tile

According to a recent study, bathroom remodeling accounts for nearly 80% of all the remodeling jobs in the United States. It is the most remodeled room in residential spaces. Further, bathroom remodels have the greatest return on investment when selling a home. Some studies estimate the return on investment is nearly 90% of the price of the job.

There are many options when looking at bathroom floor tile. A lot of bathrooms go with a ceramic or stone tile, which is heavy duty and majestically beautifully. The downside to these are that ceramic or stone tiles can be very cold to walk on. Ceramic tile flooring is also typically available in natural colors and tones, which may or may not be your style.

Another option in bathroom floor tile is a glass tile. These are smooth and shiny. They are also heavy duty and easy to clean. The downside being they can be very slippery when wet, which may be common within a bathroom. They do provide the durability of ceramic, but offer a wider range of colors. Glass tile designs can be beautifully arranged to create a smooth finish.

VCT tile is also an option. These are also easy to clean and come in a wide range of colors. They are not as beautiful as ceramic or stone tile, and they are not as durable. A lot of public facilities, such as hospitals use VCT tile.

You can use natural stone tiles to create mosaic tile patterns in the floor. This would be beautiful and eye-catching. It would certainly provide a statement piece for the room. Many tiles are available in peel and stick options, which allow for easier installation.

In addition to looks, the bathroom should also be about use and function, so choose the flooring option that will go best with how the room is used. If the bathroom is intended to be used as a peaceful get away after a long day, you may choose warm natural tones that are intended to relax and soothe.

If the bathroom is mainly going to be used for bathing and preparing children for the day, you want it to be engaging but also practical with easy to clean and durable surfaces.


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