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Adding a deck

Proper landscaping might seem like an extraneous cost in the context of settling in to your home, but a proper landscaping job and other exterior improvements such as adding a deck can do wonders for the appearance, livability, and value to your property. If you live in a hospitable climate, you can expect to enjoy your front yard and backyard almost year round, and it pays to invest in lawn care, plant and tree placement and maintenance, and even a deck to relax on in the warmer summer months.

Boost the value of your property

With a good landscaping job, the value of your home can rise nearly 30%! Even just upgrading a “good” landscaping job to and “excellent” one by hiring a landscape contractor can boost your property value by up to 7 percent according to a study by Clemson University.

De-stress and relax

According to a study by Texas AandM, simply gazing at nature for five minutes can induce a remarkable recovery from stress. This study speaks to the common sense of how so many appreciate the sound of wind rustling through the branches and the sight sunlight dappling through tree limbs onto a flower bed. A flat green lawn is a thing of beauty on its own, but you can create a sanctuary for yourself by adding trees, shrubs, and flowering plants.

Improve energy efficiency

Believe it or not, well-planned landscaping can help you cut down significantly on your energy costs. Planting trees as windbreaks can lower your heating costs by 15% and planting trees to shade the right areas on east and west facing walls can lower your air conditioning requirements by 75%. The U.S Dept. of Energy states that even three well-placed trees can lower your energy costs from anywhere between $100 and $250 annually. But be careful, planting trees too close to your home could cause moisture damage and mold buildup.

If you’re convinced that you need to revamp your home’s landscaping, remember to plan carefully and envision the yard and landscaping ideas that best fit your needs!


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