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There’s little else more annoying than waking up and realizing that there’s a leak dripping from your faucet … unless, of course, that leak is coming from the ceiling. Wait, what about when your toilet is clogged beyond repair? Oftentimes the most irritating tasks in everyday life come from issues with your indoor plumbing.

About 5% to 10% of Americans experience water leakage in their homes that waste 90 gallons of water or more a day. If these leaks were corrected, 177 billion gallons of water could be saved a year! The amount of water you lose in leaks could wash 270 loads of laundry a year, and that’s not only water and clean laundry you’re missing out on, but money!

Another problem with leaks is water damage. Continuous leaking from various fixtures can cause corrosion and general buildup through rust or water contaminates. Leaks can also cause extreme problems with your ceiling, walls, and floors … ranging from staining to decay. The moisture that gathers from leaks can cause collections of bacteria to gather in your house, turning into mold and creating terrible odors.

Leaks aren’t the only indoor plumbing problems. The second leading cause of residential water loss after plumbing supply line failures is toilet failure. Often caused by an overflowing or backed … up toilet, this is a disgusting and embarrassing problem to deal with. Attempts to fix toilets without professional help only exacerbate the issues, as is the case with other indoor plumbing dilemmas.

The fact is that America has thousands of professional plumbers available. A local plumber can take care of everyday maintenance and offer you not only plumbing repairs but new fixes to repeat problems. A plumber can install a disposal in your sink, cutting down on clogs and taking care of food in a way that doesn’t add to your garbage can; they can also suggest a number of drain cleaners.

Plumbers aren’t just the answer to everyday problems, either. Sometimes, an issue with your plumbing is so severe that you can neither fix it yourself nor wait. This moment is when you start loking for emergency plumbers. Emergency plumbers are on … call during all hours, and will help you out of a tight spot without making an appointment in advance.

A lot of these problems can be prevented by asking your plumber for advice and having them regularly inspect your appliances and plumbing. Putting it off is the last thing you want to do, resulting in bigger and harder to fix issues for everyone involved. Staying on top of what’s going on within your home will lead to a happier and more relaxing lifestyle.


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