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Whether its brick patio designs are integrated with the sidewalk or it simply has a deck similar to pool decks behind it, a restaurant’s most popular seating area is often outdoors.

But for California’s population of dog fanciers, dining out, even while seated on a restaurant’s outdoor patio, has long meant leaving the dog at home — until now.

According to SF Weekly, a new state law, which took effect January 1, now permits dogs to enter California restaurants’ outdoor spaces. So whether you want a quick bite to eat — and a bowl of water — at a sidewalk cafe while walking the dog or you have a service animal who accompanies you everywhere, the law gives pet owners a little more freedom.

It’s a slight step up for dogs throughout the state as well, who have been referred to as “the true third rail of (California) politics, more than the homeless” by one high-ranking parks official, SF Weekly reports. And under the law, restaurants will be legally protected from lawsuits filed by patrons who are against dining near dogs.

There is one issue that the law doesn’t quite clear up, however. There are no provisions for restaurants with outdoor patios that are only accessible by walking through the restaurant’s indoor dining room itself. For these situations, it’s up to the restaurant to decide whether or not dogs will be allowed indoors. It’s a good idea to contact the restaurant beforehand to be clear on their pet policies.

Despite this, it’s now going to be easier than ever for Californians to enjoy a relaxing meal in the sun with their favorite friends.

What do you think about California’s new law allowing dogs onto restaurants’ wooden and brick patios? Have any other questions for us on patio designs and patio tile installations? Share all your thoughts in the comments below. More like this blog.


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