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Tampa travertine tile floor cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining the floor keeps rooms looking cleaner and adds value to a home. Some types of flooring are more difficult to clean than others, such as carpet, which is notorious for keeping dirt and allergens deep have in its fibers. Cleaning can also be difficult on costly hardwood floors due to the types of cleaners and techniques that can damage the floor. Ceramic tile, however, cleans easily, and with fewer restrictions, and lasts for years. As a matter of fact, if a tile floor is regularly maintained, it can last for decades or longer. Even if the flooring has not been well maintained, tile restoration can often produce a beautiful floor. To keep tile floors looking new, follow these six tips.

  1. Weekly Maintenance: Sweep or vacuum dirt from the tile and grout and do a once over with a damp mop. In high-traffic areas like the kitchen or bathroom, twice a week will likely be necessary.
  2. Tile Cleaning Products: For glazed tile, most floor cleaners work well, as long as they are not oil based. Glazed tiles are best cleaned with concentrated tile cleaners with neutral pH. For grout cleaning, it might be a temptation to select a harsh cleaning chemical, but vinegar and water are best to get it clean and prevent damage.
  3. After Cleaning: Mop the floor again with water alone in order to ensure all of the residue from the cleaning products has been removed.
  4. Floor Mats: A good quality floor mat will collect those substances that will corrode a tile floor over time. To significantly reduce the wear on tiles, place floor mats at entrances and exits, as well as by kitchen sinks, stoves, and bathroom counters.
  5. Sealants: To keep grout looking clean, apply a sealant shortly after installation. Topical sealants are not difficult to apply but need to be reapplied ever year or two.
  6. What to Avoid: Cleaners with acid or bleach are not advisable for regular cleaning, nor should wax based options. Also, no steel wool or scouring pads.

For those that are trying to accomplish tile restoration, a professional would be the best choice. They can remove can make tile and grout beautiful without causing damage, a good point to remember any time the mess on a floor might need bleach based cleaning agents. Following this advise, tile flooring will last for years. Helpful sites.


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