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Emerald ash borer control methods

One of the biggest threats to the nearly 8 billion ash trees in North America is the emerald ash borer, an insidious invasive species that has come to the United States from Asia. The emerald ash borer is a bright green beetle that might look harmless but has actually already killed up to 100 million ash trees and is a threat to kill many millions more. That is why emerald ash borer treatment is so important in getting a handle on an infestation of borer beetles.

There are three kinds of emerald ash borer treatment that are known to be effective, but there are more emerald ash borer control methods that are currently being developed and should soon be ready for purchase. Emamectin benzoate is the first kind of ash borer control that is know to be effective. It has a simple application. The user drills several holes in the tree trunk and then injects the chemical into the holes, plugging the holes after they are done. The chemical is so strong that only licensed pest control professionals are allowed to apply the pesticide.

Unfortunately, emamectin benzoate needs to be applied every two years, with new holes required each time. This can really weaken a tree over several years and for that reason is not necessarily the best long term emerald ash borer treatment. Imidacloprid is another treatment, and the advantage is that it does not require holes to be drilled in the trees. Instead, the chemical substance is injected into the soil surrounding a tree, which is a much lower impact treatment. The cost is low and there is no requirement for pest control professionals to apply the treatment; however, it must be down annually and takes up to two months to fully activate once in the soil.

The last option for emerald ash borer treatment that is currently known to be effective is called dinotefuran, and it is applied in the same manner as imidacloprid. Dinotefuran is an emerald ash borer treatment that can also be sprayed on the trunks of trees; and much like imidacloprid, it does not require a license to use. Many people use the spray method when they notice that an infestation has taken root in a tree as a last ditch effort to save the tree.

To find more information on emerald borer ash treatment solutions and to find out where to purchase the pesticides, do an quick online search. That should turn up plenty of local options for purchasing the chemicals or hiring pest control professionals who can help homeowners deal with the problem.


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