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Are you currently having problems with your roof? If you are, you should consider hiring commercial contractors to help you decide what types of roofing materials to use to either repair or replace the current roof. Each year, that industry generates an estimation of $46 billion in revenue located in the United States. A home is an investment worth putting some money into in order to live in it for the long haul. Retirement is right around the corner and it?s much cheaper to get new roof than living with a current one with problems. Do you know that as much as 20% your roof gets cut from longer life expectancy if you layered on top of an existing roof? If you would like to learn more about the types of roofing materials used on the roof, here are three types of options to have in mind.


Using shingle as one of the many types of roof materials might be ideal for someone who would like to be open to these alternative options. Wood cedar, for example, is a wood shingle to use that last up to 30 years. Slate is another idea to use if you want it to last between 80 to 400 years. It cost high though. Rubber shingle is a potential product to use, in most cases, recycled rubber. Asbestos is used rarely due to health hazard.


You can use steel as one of the types of roof materials that is coated with alloy of zinc and aluminum. Mechanically seamed is used on very low sloped roofs with concealed fasteners that have sealant in seams. The roof is suitable if it is low pitch such as 0.5/12 to 3/12 pitch. Standing-seam metal that have concealed fasteners is the last item in this group.


To form a continuous surface, the joints are generally fused in large sheets. Vinyl, thermoplastics and Thermoset (are used in big box stores, large open areas or small roof application), liquid, asphalt roll, bituminous waterproofing, fabric, polyester or PTFE (which is embedded in fiberglass) are some to consider as the types of roof materials used on your home.


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