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Mdf mouldings

Rather than blending into the background, walls can be designed to provide an architectural feature that enhances a room. Custom wood wall panels, such as MDF wall panels, can add both texture and movement to a residential or commercial space.

Architectural wall panels can serve as a predominant feature in a room or blend throughout the house. They can be designed to continue the design of furniture components such as cupboards, desks, and dresser drawers. Cabinet components and other built-ins can be designed and installed to match architectural wall treatments in order to provide a unified or contrasting appearance.

Many designs can open up a room when they extend across the ceiling. Tongue and groove ceiling planks work quite well with wood wall planks. In many cases, having this type of continuity may be recommended by interior architects and designers to further open up an interior space.

Rooms with simple-to-elaborate home entertainment systems can benefit from custom cabinets and fixtures. When there’s a need for extra storage, additional cabinets can be built into the walls. Including acoustic sound panels may also be recommended so that sound doesn’t travel throughout the house or outdoors.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves can also be a welcome addition to a den, home library, or office. Adjoining walls can mirror this feature or provide a subtle contrast.

MDF mouldings are another option for home renovations. In addition to adding an elegant flourish to a balustrade, foyer, or alcove, they can reshape interior spaces. A custom window seat area, for example, can extend along a wall or be nestled into a corner. When these areas are partially enclosed, they provide a
relaxing place to sit, lounge or view outdoor gardens and landscaping.

Having custom-designed walls throughout a house can provide a source of inspiration for furnishings and other home decor. Given the possibilities with MDF wall panel designs, the wall itself is a work of art and the room’s decor can be chosen to highlight this feature.

When a house has one or more custom-designed walls featured, whether they are in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or any other interior spaces, it can create an intriguing architectural statement.


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