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Driveway cleaning

One of the most important elements of a properly functioning, healthy, and pleasant home is the absence of mold. While this may sound like an obvious fact, many people could have a mold issue in their home at this very moment, that they are not even aware of. Keeping your home sealed and dry is a key factor in preventing the presence and spread of mold. This can be a difficult feat to accomplish, as there is always some form of water attempting to get in, whether from faulty pipes, rainwater, or other sources. Water flows, it spreads, without prejudice of the location or material it is flowing through or into. So proper siding, a good roof, sealed windows, and clean gutters are essential in preventing leaks that could eventually lead to mold.

The importance of clean gutters

Such a critical aspect of the maintenance of a home, gutters are not always the first thing that people think about when buying or building a home. But clogged gutters have been identified as the leading cause of water problems in the basement. It might be difficult initially to make the connection between rain gutters on the roof, and basement water problems, but when they are clogged or otherwise improperly functioning, the runoff from the roof overflows and collects around the base of the house. At this point, a basement leak is almost inevitable.

Gutter cleaning is just as important as the proper original placement of the small channels along the roof’s edge and of the downspout extensions. These extensions should be directed about five feet and 10 inches away from the foundation walls of the structure. The flow from these downspout extensions should not flow toward the neighboring home or building, in order to avoid the same issue for someone else. The ideal placement would be in the direction of the road or the yard, well away from any structures.

The significance of avoiding mold

Gutter placement and cleaning, roof cleaning, and regular maintenance checks on siding and plumbing are all necessary aspects of maintaining a properly functioning home, particularly for keeping out mold. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that each and every single kind of mold has at least some potential to end up causing some kind of health effects, ranging from minor to quite serious. There have even been deaths that resulted because of mold. Another report delivered a sobering fact about the prevalence of mold, drawing attention to the fact that it can creep up anywhere. In more than 30% of new homes, there have been forms of mold found present. It is incredibly important to stay vigilant in preventing it, no matter where you are or the state of the building you are in.

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to consider all of the aspects that go into maintaining a functional, healthy home. But getting into the habit of scheduling regular checks on the different systems and structures of your home will go a long way in protecting the health of you and your family, as well as prolonging the life of the home itself.


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