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It’s understandable to want to do everything possible to avoid high utility bills. Statistics gathered from the United States Department of Energy found that 25 to 40% of all energy used to either heat or cool a home ends up being wasted. Making matters worse, there are often many expenses that come with owning a home. Considering that, it’s wise to do what is necessary to begin receiving lower utility bills. With that in mind, here are smart ways to reduce the amount of energy used throughout your home.

Savings Throughout Your Entire Home

If you’re wanting to lower your utility bills, it’s wise to contact an HVAC service. Statistics show that HVAC systems should receive inspections two times per year in order for these devices to remain efficient. These companies can perform what is known as an energy audit.

The goal of an energy audit is to find out how much energy is being used throughout your home. After an audit is performed, you’ll be able more information about energy usage throughout your property. In turn, an HVAC service can work to help prevent what is causing your home to use so much energy.

Lowering Utility Bills in the Laundry Room

You might be surprised to learn that you can lower your utility bills from how you do laundry. One way to lower your utilities is to wash your clothes with cold water. Much of the energy used by washing machines is spent heating water used to wash clothes. With that in mind, washing clothes in cold water reduces a lot of energy usage.

In addition, doing laundry during the night might save utility costs. Certain energy companies will offer customers lower rates while using electricity during non peak hours. That being said, this isn’t offered by all energy companies. In order to find out if your utility provider offers this, check past bills or contact the company directly.

Saving Big in the Kitchen

Another way to receive a lot of utility savings is to be more efficient in the kitchen. Don’t worry, these tips are incredibly easy to follow. The first tip is to dry your dishes by hand. Many dishwasher have some type of heating option you can select. That being said, this will also raise your utility bills. If you have a little spare time, drying your dishes by hand can help to reduce utility costs.

You can also reduce utility costs by efficiently loading your dishwasher. It can seem tempting to always have dishes available. However, this usually means constantly running your dishwasher. Over time, this will lead to paying increased utility bills. However, loading your dishwasher efficiently ensures that you use this appliance fewer than normal.

In closing, there are several smart ways to reduce energy costs throughout your home. While there are certain tips you can follow to reduce utility costs, it’s also wise to contact an HVAC service. Statistics gathered from the EPA’s Energy Star Program found that adding insulation and sealing sources of air leaks can reduce monthly bills by up to 20%. Luckily, an HVAC service can perform an energy audit which monitors, finds, and corrects what is causing high utility bills.


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