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The average farm is over 400 acres, which can mean a lot of mowing for a reliable tractor or mower. An electric clutch or PTO clutch is the heart of the machine and can require some troubleshooting and maintenance to ensure your mower has a long life. Here are a few ways to tell if your clutch just needs some repairs or if it’s time for a gravely PTO clutch replacement.

Ensure that the issue is with the PTO clutch itself, and not another part of the machine.

It should go without saying, but always ensure that you’re reading instructions properly, that the battery is charged, and ensure that you haven’t blown a fuse. You can also turn your mower over to check for any debris that may have jammed in your pulley and drive belt. Use a length of jumper wire to test the power source leading to the PTO clutch to ensure that there are no problems with your electrical circuit. If everything seems to be working correctly, the problem could be with your clutch.

Ensure that you’ve been using your PTO clutch correctly.

Clutches can notoriously start to malfunction if they are “repaired” with the wrong parts. If you’ve performed work on your clutch before, were you careful to use gravely PTO clutch replacement parts? Has your clutch been installed in accordance with NEMA specifications? If not, those could be the source of your clutch issues.

Read up on best practices to keep your gravely PTO clutch replacement in working order.

Make sure that any loads on your tractor or mower are laid down evenly, using the appropriate torque, and keeping your equipment away from excessive moisture, oil, chemicals, or harsh environmental conditions. You’ll also want to consult with an expert when investing in a new gravely PTO clutch replacement to ensure that it’s not too small for your rig, as this can prematurely damage a clutch. When in doubt, you can always talk to the manufacturer about special considerations to extend the life of your clutch.

There are several ways that you can troubleshoot issues that may arise with your PTO or electric clutch, but sometimes the clutch has simply reached the end of its life. Taking care of your clutch and using the proper protocol to keep it running smoothly will allow you to use your clutch replacement for as long as possible.


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