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Floor ceramic tile

In the United States, bathroom remodeling jobs are at the top of the list, according to a recent National Association of Home Builders’ survey. These remodels accounted for 78% of all renovation jobs, which makes them the most requested choice for home improvements.

A Houzz survey showed that 60% of its participants were planning to remodel their master bathroom. Chances are that some of these homeowners chose to update their guest or children’s bathrooms as well. If you’re planning to add on a second or third bathroom, you may be interested to know that this can bring you an average return on your investment of roughly 86.4%.

Are you looking for a few design ideas? If you’re planning to remodel your master bathroom, for example, you may be interested in stone backsplash tiles over your sink or mosaic glass wall tiles in your shower enclosure. It’s interesting to note that 79% of the homeowners that participated in a recent Houzz survey preferred glass shower enclosures.

After bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels are next in line. The National Association of Home Builders’ survey showed that 69% of the requested jobs were for this essential space. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, then even a minor remodel can bring you an average return of 82.7% due to your investment.

Mosaic tile is a great material to use in kitchen remodels as well. You can choose from a variety of color combinations and patterns to liven up this room. Whether you prefer bold accents or something more subdued, mosaic tile can create a stunning wall feature.

There are so many beautiful and fun designs that can be created with colorful mosaic tiles. If you’re planning to put in a pool, you can elaborate on the aquatic theme with pool mosaic designs. Just imagine the bottom and the sides of your pool covered with turtles or dolphins! Or, you may prefer more geometric pool mosaic designs.

Whether you’re in the process of remodeling your master bathroom, kitchen, or revitalizing your outdoor living spaces with a swimming pool, your contractor and design team will have even more ideas for you.


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June 2024