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Tree removal

As solid as they may appear, trees are susceptible to a wide array of problems, ranging from harmful insects and diseases to weather. These different issues can cause significant damage to the plant, putting nearby structures, other trees, and people at risk of being struck by falling branches or trunks. For this reason, if you have a damaged tree on your property, it will likely be necessary to call in a tree removal company to provide tree removal services. While this choice will likely be difficult, this choice could be vital to the safety of your land and your family.

The supervisors of Lewis and Clark National Forest in central Montana recently had to make this tough decision after realizing that many trees within the Little Belt Mountains had been killed by the mountain pine beetle.While the project originally planned to use tree removal techniques on 575 miles of Montana roads, the project was stalled by a federal lawsuit, in which activists from the Native Ecosystems Council and the Alliance for the Wild Rockies argued that the tree removal process might have a negative effect on local watersheds and streams. The group called for further environmental review before the project was undertaken. As a result, the enterprise has now been narrowed to include only dead trees that pose a real threat to public roads. Trees along 203 miles of road in Cascade, Judith Basin and Meagher counties will be subject to the tree removal process, a 40% decrease from the original goal.

The Forest Service says it plans to use a variety of different methods to remove trees that present a risk to the roads. Once the tree removal process has been completed, however, Forest Service employees will take the debris out of the area, and some will be sold and logged. As with any proper tree removal process, the project will be handled by carefully trained professionals.


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