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Mold removal washington dc

Because they’re below ground level, basement tend to be plagued by moisture issues. Though you may think you’re out of the woods after you dealt with your last basement flood, there may be lingering problems you can’t even see, specifically water damage mold.

Mold spores can enter a home through windows, vents, open doorways, and heating and air conditioning systems, and they often find a nurturing environment in your cool, damp basement. Household mold flourishes in places with lots of moisture, like in your roof system after a leak, around pipes, or wherever there’s been flooding.

Though mold can form anywhere in the home, the basement is often where you’ll have the most trouble removing mold and keeping it gone. Because basements are below the water line, they’re the first location in your home to be affected by water damage in severe weather or other events that cause flooding.

Because basements are often repeat mold offenders, professional basement mold removal is often the only way to get rid of mold and make sure it stays gone.

When you hire a basement mold removal expert, they won’t just eradicate the mold in your basement. They’ll also figure out where the moisture is coming from and treat the area so that the problem won’t happen again. The best mold inspection companies will even give you tips for how to prevent future moisture buildups in your basement.

Remember, if you have mold in your basement, basement mold removal isn’t something you should consider optional. Approximately 4.6 million of the 21.8 million people reported to have asthma in the U.S. could link their cases back to mold exposure and dampness in the home, and the national cost of treating mold-related asthma is about $3.5 billion a year.

Mold can also cause serious allergic reactions and lung damage. Don’t let your basement become an unsafe environment. Call a home mold removal expert today.

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