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Impact window miami

If you’re a homeowner in an area that sees a lot of tropical storms or severe weather in general, it’s important for you to have the proper protection equipped for your home. When severe weather descends, an entire home can suffer severe, sometimes irreparable damage.
That’s where impact windows and doors come in. Glass is often the first thing to go in a home, and it’s why you need to have the proper protection installed. If you’ve never considered impact windows and doors, now is the time. Here are just a few of the many benefits that come with the addition of hurricane doors and windows.
Hurricane Protection
Right off the bat, hurricane protection is a huge plus. In fact, it’s usually the initial reason that many homeowners make the decision to go with hurricane windows and doors. These windows and doors must be manufactured to specific standards in order to be certified as hurricane proof, so it’s important that you check for these specifications before you install them.
Corrosion Resistance
When severe weather hits, corrosion can definitely follow. This is an especially big problem if any of your window or door fixtures are metal and haven’t been properly treated. Fortunately, all impact resistant doors and windows are treated exclusively for corrosion resistance, so your home will still look brand new after the rain is gone. In addition, this will ensure that color doesn’t fade over time, so you can enjoy that beautifully colored door for a lifetime to come.
Heat Reduction
If you’ve been losing heat through small openings in your windows and doors, you definitely need to make an investment. The glass in your doors and windows will be specifically designed to filter out UV rays and to keep the sun from overheating your home. In addition, hot air will be kept in when it gets cooler outside. Not only will this make your living space more comfortable, it will likely help you save some money on your energy bills.
Whether you’re in an area that experiences severe weather or you just want to be prepared for the worst, impact doors and windows are an excellent investment to make.


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