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In just a few short years, natural stone flooring may not be stone exactly. Recently, Coverings 2015, an international tile and stone trade show in Orlando, Florida, showcased several new, ceramic tile flooring options that were actually 3-D printed. The result, The Detroit News predicts, may very well be “products that blend 3-D digital printing technology, century-old manufacturing techniques, and skilled artistry.” Although the new, blended 3-D printed stone and upscale flooring options are still largely in the works, flooring contractors reveal that they will look completely realistic and “perform as well as or better than natural stone or wood,” The Detroit News continues.

Now that we know what the future holds, what upscale flooring options are homeowners taking advantage of in the meantime?

For A Rustic Look

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to choose brick tiles (on floor or the walls) for rustic kitchens and bathrooms. The brick can be used to contrast simple or even high-end furnishing and appliances. For the best results, pair solid colors, such as white or black decor, with natural, rustic looking brick.

Floors That Are Unlike Any Others

Stone and tile design often go hand-in-hand because many natural stone materials are entirely unique. In other words, in many cases, one stone tile will look different from the next — and no two will be quite the same. And manufacturers are taking that one step further. Today, it is not uncommon to find glass and stone mosaic flooring in unlike shapes (e.g., circles and ovals), or even tiles created by filling materials with artfully arranged pieces of recycled glass and other, small re-purposed materials.

We’re not quite ready to 3-D print enough tiles for an entire floor, but it’s coming. Until then, homeowners are creating one-of-a-kind interiors with rustic, but sophisticated brick flooring and markedly unique stone tiles or glass mosaics. Read more like this.


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