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There are ways to get rid of mice from your home without having to kill them. This is where humane traps come in. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to use them. Follow these rodent removal tips from MellasPage and you can have a mice-free home and a clear-free conscious.

Open the Trap Before Setting

It’s best to know how to easily open the trap before a mouse is caught inside.

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Frightened mice can bite. Practice opening and closing it a few times before putting in the bait and setting.

Humane Trap Setting

Although mice are not known to be finicky eaters, they seem highly resistant to many foods in traps. Never use cheese. Instead, use peanut butter. Place the trap in an area where mice have been seen or along the walls where mice like to travel. Plastic human traps, sometimes called mouse cubes, are very lightweight. They should be taped down to stay in place. Mice have been known to flip the trap over and escape.

Where to Set Mice Free

Parks are generally the best places to set free newly-captured mice. The place should not be close to homes or they will wind up infesting other people’s houses. Set the mice free at least three miles away from your home or they will wind up right back in your house.


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