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While scaffolds are fundamental to facilitating construction processes, they can also pose threats to both the person on the scaffold as well as surrounding individuals, particularly if your scaffold is high above the ground, say, a 10 foot scaffolding.

When carrying out a local scaffold rental, it is important that you verify the strength and capacity of all woods and planks as weak ones can break and cause you to fall. In modular scaffold where posts are connected with bearers and diagonals, it is important to confirm the integrity of each of the parts of the modular scaffolding as this can help prevent an entire collapse of the structure, which could threaten lives, both yours and others around the site.

Another important point to note is that even after verifying the integrity of the scaffolding products, in situations where these products, including the toe boards, ledgers, base plates, and diagonal braces, are not properly secure, the collapse of the entire scaffold structure can still happen.

It is, therefore, important to brief all workers and employees on the importance of exercising extra care and prioritizing safety while working with scaffolds.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an estimated 12 fatalities occur each day in workplaces, or about a total of 4,300 work-related deaths per year. While that number is far lower than it was 50 years ago, there is still room for improvement. One way to maintain a safe workplace is to make sure that workers on construction sites, especially, are aware of the risks of the job. That even goes for using construction equipment rentals and tools for rent, so make sure that all workers are trained when you choose this equipment.

Whether you’re in need of aluminum scaffolding rentals or you need to find the best forklift rentals near you, make sure that you follow these tips to ensure that your employees are safe on the job:

Check for Certification

Did you rent scissor lifts for your business? If so, make sure that anyone who uses one is certified to actually do so. Without proper certification on lift equipment, someone could get seriously injured. Those operating this machinery might also even hurt others. A forklift, for instance, could knock over a shelf and harm other workers nearby if not driven correctly. Ensure that your workers have the certifications they need to stay safe.

Brief Employees on Safety

No matter who is or isn’t using scissor lifts, forklifts, and scaffolding rentals, everyone should understand how to stay safe around these objects. Walking or standing underneath lift equipment is generally forbidden for safety reasons, and machinery should never be operated while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or even some types of medication. Make sure that employees know to report to you if they see anything suspicious.

Keep the Area Clear of Unauthorized Personnel

As any good construction manager knows, it’s important to make sure that a job site only contains people who work there. Make sure that signs are prominently displayed that turn visitors away, or take the time to give visitors a pass and a hardhat to keep them safe. For instance, if you’re using scaffolding rentals to work on a second story of a building, then visitors should be advised not to walk near or under that scaffolding, in case a heavy object falls. The fewer people there are in a crowded workspace, the safer everyone will be from accidents.

Have more questions about worker safety? Leave us a comment and ask your equipment rental company for more tips.



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