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Many people around the United States get a lot out of their outdoor living spaces. Porches, patios, and outdoor kitchens are great places to entertain friends and family. People often paint their porches to make them look better. Not everyone knows how to paint a porch. These are the steps you should take:

  1. Get rid of everything on your porch. When it comes to how to paint a porch, you need it to be clear of debris, dust, furniture, plants, grills, and whatever else you may have on it. After the big items have been removed, you need to sweep and vacuum to get as much dirt and dust off the porch as you can. After you have done that, you can use a hose to make sure you have gotten the surface areas really clean and ready for the paint. Remember to let everything dry before you start with your primer or your paint.
  2. Get rid of old paint by sanding and scraping it off. When you are painting a porch, unless it is a new porch, you need to get rid of any paint that is there already. The best way to do this is with an orbital sander. Paint scrapers can work great to remove the old paint. To be safe, when you are using a power sander it is always a good idea to wear a respirator or some other protective gear.
  3. Use tape to keep paint off of areas where you do not want it. No matter what kind of painting equipment you use, you should get some tape to keep your paint coverage from going over areas you do not want to be painted. Make sure the tape is put on in a way that prevents paint from getting under it.
  4. Use a primer on your porch. People who know how to paint a porch recommend using a primer first. There is paint for decks that has primer in it already so you may be able to skip this step. For other kinds of porches and floor paint, a primer will make a big difference. You need to make sure you get a primer that has been developed for use on exterior areas. Use paint rollers to apply the primer to the areas you are painting.
  5. Take the time to let the primer dry between coats. As with the paint that you will apply to your porch, you need to use more than one coat of primer. You should follow the directions on the primer but the time it takes for it to dry can be anywhere between one hour and eight.
  6. Start with the pain. Once you have let the primer coats dry completely, it is time to start with the paint. If you know how to paint a porch, you know that first, the primer has to dry and then each coat of paint needs to dry as well. The porch paint needs paint that has been developed to be used on outdoor structures. You should also make sure when you are picking out paint, that it works with the material you are painting. There are also paints that have been developed for floors that can withstand more wear and tear.
  7. Use a sealant. This is more important if you are painting on concrete but can help extend the life of any painted porch. Sealants are great to keep any water from ruining your paint job and will protect the paint from the harmful rays from the sun. Think of sealant as sunscreen for your porch.
  8. Take some time before you walk on your porch. Home remodeling experts who know how to paint a porch say that after the area has been painted and sealant has been applied, you should wait at least two days before taking a stroll on your porch. The last thing you want to do is walk on it or place pressure on paint that is tacky and slightly wet. After two days have passed, you can put your outdoor furnishings back out on the porch.

Painting a porch can switch up its look and is not a hard task to complete. These tips can help you get the right look for your porch and your home.


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