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Types of roofing shingles

When confronted with how to install roofing, there are many questions you have to ask. Aside from discussing commercial or residential roofing types, you also will want to determine the roofing material types required for the structure.

First, determine if you actually need roof replacement or just need to follow through with some maintenance. For example, if you are noticing some loose shingles, you may just need to replace some shingles. However, if you are noticing nails protruding, or even falling out, you may need an entire roof replacement. This is a good indication of water saturation, as is sagging a roof and/or beams.

Determining the types of roofing to make sure you buy the right types of roofing materials is the next step in how to install roofing properly. Flat concrete roofing, for example, may just need some roofing tar applied and metal flashing installed to seal any leaks or issues you may be having. A pitched, wooden roof, however, will usually require a bit more work.

If you are confronted with repairing a pitched, shingled roof, more work may be as extensive as removing and replacing old shingles and tar paper and removing and replacing roofing board. However, it may be as simple as replacing a section of shingles.

When it comes to how to install roofing, there is no one answer. Different types of roofing require different kinds of procedures. Residential, pitched roofing is a completely different animal than commercial flat roofing. And even different residential roofing requires different types of roofing shingles. Many of your questions can be answered consulting a professional and doing the right kind of research.


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