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Chimney kits

Before the natural development of the chimney, the buildings were limited to a single story, since there was no way to control the smoke coming off of an open fire in the structure. These days, the Anaconda Smelter Stack in Montana, tops off at approximately 585 feet. It is the current tallest freestanding brick chimney in the world. While they probably have a very unique system in place for cleaning it, your chimney is still subject to the same issues if left unmaintained. Researching how often should I clean my chimney to find out when you are due.

Cleaning a chimney is critical to avoiding fires and structural issues from internal fires. In fact, fires in a chimney that has not been cleaned properly will burn at over 2,000 degrees. All parts of your chimney, including the chimney caps and chimney liners, need to be properly cleaned, inspected and repaired on an annual basis to protect against intended fires, leaks, or other issues.

First, when looking at companies for cleaning your chimney, you want to research their past performance and their reputation. Cleaning the chimney requires specialized training and appropriate insurance before allowing anyone to approach your chimney. You can begin your research with online reviews. Also, be sure to check with your friends, family and colleagues to see if they have used a local service for cleaning the chimney.

Since there is a little mystery to getting your chimney cleaned, you will have the most success from analyzing comments from previous customers. As part of any service, figuring out and asking how often should I clean my chimney, you will invite services to lobby for your money. If they are well reviewed and have client testimonials to back it up, you can feel better about hiring them.


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