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The foundation is, without a doubt, one of the most important elements of any home, because the foundation works to keep the house stable. If anything happens to compromise the foundation, the structural integrity of the home can also be threatened. This is especially true in environments like those found in Florida, where many residents live right next to the ocean. With these homes, the foundation can also include a seawall, which is placed next to the ocean to keep the water from eroding the land by the house. Seawall erosion, if left unchecked, can lead to seawall failure which can cause catastrophic damage to the property. To avoid this, it’s important to recognize the warning signs that can indicate problems with the foundation and this article will take a look at a few of those signs.

  • Cracking in the Foundation Slab: One warning sign that indicates your foundation needs repairs is visible cracks forming in the foundation slab of a home. A slab foundation is a large, thick slab of concrete that is typically 4″-6″ thick in the center and poured directly on the ground all at one time. Many foundations utilize post tension cables, while others are reinforced with steel rods. With all of these things in mind, if this slab begins to visibly crack, it’s a sign that something is seriously wrong and foundation services are needed to perform foundation repair operations as quickly as possible.
  • Visible Erosion in the Seawall: Another warning sign that indicates your foundation needs repairs is if visible erosion is observed in the seawall. Since the seawall is critical for protecting the property from erosion, seawall repair services will need to be called in if erosion is spotted. Seawall repair can include shoring up the wall, as well as replacing the seawall entirely if necessary.
  • Settling in the Foundation and the Ground Around the Foundation: And finally, a third warning sign that indicates your foundation needs repairs is if settling is observed in the foundation and the ground around the foundation by the seawall. “Settling” is when the foundation or ground begins to sink lower than the area around it. This can happen when the ground underneath becomes unstable, a sign that the ground underneath is slowly being eroded away. Depending on where the settling is taking place, seawall repair services may be needed to help with ground stabilization, as well as calling in house leveling services if necessary.

In conclusion, there are several warning signs that can indicate your foundation needs repairs. These warning signs include cracking in the foundation slab, visible erosion in the seawall, and settling in the foundation and the ground around the foundation. These are just a few of the warning signs you need to keep an eye out for.


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