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Heating and air units

Having a house at a comfortable temperature year round is a priority for most homeowners. If it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter then most American homeowners don’t think twice about the central heating and air
systems in their homes. When the system fails, however, heating and air conditioning service becomes top priority. Luckily, even when you are not concerned about the heating and air units monitoring and maintaining your house, an entire industry of hvac equipment sales and service companies are.

Did you know that according to the U.S. Energy Department and the EIA:
–air conditioners cost U.S. citizens approximately $11 billion each year in energy costs.
–air conditioners use 5% of all electricity produced in the U.S. annually.
–switching to a high efficiency air conditioner can cut your home energy costs 20% to 50%.
–86% of homes in America have air conditioning units installed.
–35% of homes in the Northeastern part of the country use their central air conditioning the entire summer.
–67% of homes in the Southern part of the country use their central air conditioning the entire summer.
–38% of homes in the Western part of the country use their central air conditioning the entire summer.
–90% of new homes built in America are built with central air conditioning.
–89% of American single family homes are equipped with air conditioning.
–heating and cooling costs the average U.S. family $1,000 U.S. each year.

With facts and statistics like that it is not a surprise that an entire industry of hvac equipment sales and service is dedicated to the comfort and quick repair of high efficiency furnaces and cooling systems. Their services cover a variety of purchasing and maintenance options. Heating and cooling experts recommend an HVAC system be inspected twice a year, once before the winter months and once before the summer months, to avoid the need for costly repairs. If maintained properly, HVAC systems can have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. The top two reasons why HVAC systems fail in the U.S. are improper installation and improper maintenance. Luckily, the air filter itself can provide a visual indicator to maintenance needs. When a HVAC air filter starts to change color, it is time to replace it. In addition to avoiding costly replacement and repair, a properly served central air conditioning unit can reduce allergens and dust in the air through its filtering system. This is a health benefit that is difficult to put a price on.

When you are sitting inside nice and cool on the hottest day of the summer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or are nice and toasting warm during the worst blizzard in 20 years in Lincoln, Nebraska, remember that your comfort may the result of your attention to detail and the maintenance work of an entire hvac equipment sales and service industry.


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