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Hardwood floor textures

Most of the house looks pretty good. After nineteen years in your home, the woodwork, the furniture, the windows and the painted walls look as good as new. Two things, however, are really showing their wear. The wood floor in the kitchen and the high traffic carpet areas. There is no way to deny it any more, you need to replace these floorings as soon as possible. Samples of floor tile textures and carpet colors cover the kitchen counter as you prepare to make the big decision.
Floor materials come in a variety of new options and many of these choices are far more durable than previous floor coverings. Most of these options, however, can be divided into three basic groups:

  • Carpeting. In a recent Houzz survey, nearly 40% of homeowners say they intend to install wall to wall carpeting in their master bedroom. Many homeowners also have carpeted stairs and family and living rooms. Some international studies show that carpet may actually reduce allergens. A study in Sweden, for example, indicated that when Swedish homes decreased carpet use by 70%, allergies increased. In fact, the general public showed a nearly 30% more allergy reactions.
  • Tile and linoleum flooring. Some of the most diverse floor tile textures are available in the non-carpeting and non-wood flooring options. Laminate flooring is almost always better if it is professionally installed. Without professional installation tools, linoleum can have bubbles underneath or the pattern can be crooked or misaligned. Tile, on the other hand, also takes careful installation. The wet saw used to cut the tiles is expensive and must be used carefully if you want to avoid wasting costly pieces. The installation and sealing of the grout also takes careful and precise skills. Many new “green” linoleum options are created from dried and milled flax seeds. These seeds are then combined with other plant materials, like pine resins, ground cork, or wood flour. All of these natural materials are backed with a jute coating. Because the final surface is made from completely natural materials which were created by renewable sources, the end product is 100% biodegradable.
  • Wood flooring. Wood floor materials and wood floor patterns provide more variety now than any time in the past. In addition to selecting the type of wood and the kind of stain you would like, many homeowners are also moving away from the size of the wood flooring pieces. Wide plank styles are especially popular right now and actually make the installation process faster. Always a popular option, hardwood flooring covers nearly 35% of all flooring in American homes.

Floor tile textures can provide a unique option for homeowners as they work to create a home that is their very own. If you are one of the many Americans who are preparing to update their home, making new flooring decisions is often at the top of the list.


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