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It’s one of the most important, but sometimes least appreciated rooms in your home. Your bathroom is a central part of each of your days and is often one of the first things you see in the morning and last things you see at night. Thinking about updating this room in the midst of all of your other responsibilities can seem overhwelming, but bathroom remodeling can really affect your quality of life. If you’re wondering if it is time for you to get some professional custom bathroom design and installation help, keep reading.
1) You Can’t Let It Go Thinking about bathroom renovation is a serious task. Before you even think about starting work, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends you spend around six months planning. If your six months of planning is turning into several years of agonizing over details like bathroom vanity design or custom cabinetry, you may benefit greatly from bringing in the expertise of a professional to give some advice and guidance on how to move from planning the bathroom of your dreams to actually getting to use it.
2) You Have Storage Issues It is so easy for a bathroom to become the dumping ground for all of your skin, face, and makeup products. If you can barely find room to set down your toothbrush at night because of all of the clutter, you probably have a storage issue. Consider finding a professional who can help with bathroom vanity design that maximizes storage or who knows how to integrate modern options like knuckle-scrape-preventing roll out shelves into custom cabinetry design.
3) You Need a Clean Break Sometimes, years of abuse can leave a bathroom in desperate need of some help. If your wallpaper from the 1970s is starting to finally peel or you bathroom vanity design seems more appropriately suited to the set of a 1980s sitcom than your home, it can be really refreshing to just reset this part of your life.
4) You’re Moving On If you’re moving, you should consider the potential return on investment of updating your bathroom for both your old and new homes. For a bath remodel around $16,000, you can expect to see at least 72.5% of that expense recouped when you sell your home. Factor in how it will improve your quality of life and it’s clearly worth it.
5) You’ve Got Some Damage If you have any issues with water damage in your bathroom, it’s a great idea to bring in professionals to help. First, they can help make sure to fix any issues that may cause damage in the future. Additionally, they can understand what is salvageable and make sure things like your bathroom vanity design mesh well with the rest of your bathroom.
Giving your bathroom a remodel is a great investment in both your home and your satisfaction within your own home. If you are day dreaming about sinking into the perfect tub or finally having that storage set up you pine for, make the smart choice and start turning your dreams into reality.


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