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Kitchen remodels are booming right now, so much so in fact that a 2017 study by the National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates that over 10 million Americans underwent kitchen remodeling in just one year! If you’ve been dreaming of taking the plunge, now is the time to get started with planning your dream kitchen. Today, we’ll be focusing on how to design one particular style of kitchen.

Country Chic

The classic farmhouse style kitchen. It’s a style almost everyone is familiar with, and it is a style that is still going strong today. Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or out in the country, a farmhouse kitchen design is never out of place. This style is both cozy and inviting, reminding us of the great times we spent with family in kitchens not too dissimilar.

When it comes to transforming your own kitchen into the farmhouse style, there are a couple of key tips to keep in mind. Five of the most important are:

  • A Casual Dining Space
    If you have an open concept kitchen that features a dining space, keep the setting casual. The rule of thumb for designing a farmhouse kitchen is to keep it warm, laid back, and cozy. You want your dining space to feel like the perfect spot for family meals, game nights, and special dinner parties.
  • Everyday Out in the Open
    Sometimes everyday items can become decorations in their own right. Farmhouse kitchens come to life when they feel lived in. Think hanging pots and pans and apothecary jars filled with sugar, flour, coffee, or tea. Not everything needs to be hidden away in cabinets and drawers. The point is to make the kitchen feel lived in and down to earth, while still giving off a chic stylish charm.
  • Goodbye Overhead Cabinets
    Overhead cabinets can not only be cluttering, but they can be difficult to utilize if you’re on the shorter side. A farmhouse style kitchen takes advantage of alternative storage options such as islands with cabinets and drawers, stand-alone glass cabinets, or built-ins. The lack of overhead cabinets can overall make a kitchen feel airier and more open, it also gives you the option to hang whatever you want on the walls! Working with a kitchen designer can also give you even more creative ideas on how to decorate the newly freed space.
  • Let There Be (Natural) Light
    Natural light can completely transform the way a room feels. Darker rooms can feel cold and uninviting, but by letting in the sun you instead can create a warm inviting space. A room that is flooded with natural light can also help everyone to wake up in the morning, even better than a cup of coffee! If your current kitchen doesn’t have the lighting you’d like, speak with your kitchen remodeling contractor to see if adding additional windows is something you can do!
  • Bring in Textures
    Last, but certainly not least, farmhouse kitchens really pop when you include a lot of texture. From woven rugs to baskets, rustic wooden cabinets and ceramic accents, you can mix and match textures to allow your new kitchen to stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you have a lot of style options. The farmhouse style is but one of many; however, it is a style that can bring out the best in many homes. When thinking of your own unique layout, keep the above tips in mind and don’t hesitate to work with kitchen designers if you need help tweaking them to match your unique layout. Before you know it you can have the cozy kitchen that you’ve always dreamed over.


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