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Your home’s basement health is important to the overall health of the rest of your home’s interior. If your basement greets you with that unmistakable musty smell, perhaps it is time to do a search for basement waterproofing companies in your area for an evaluation.

    First, it is recommended that you do some research on what causes wet basements, and the importance of waterproofing maintenance. Causes and indications may include the following:

    • Mineral deposit buildup, often referred to as efflorescence, a white buildup of moisture.
    • Mold and mildew
    • Wall cracks
    • Rust stains
    • Wet or rotting wood
    • Water seepage

    Local basement waterproofing companies are familiar with your area’s climate and water table. So their experience will help you determine your options for basement waterproofing and foundation repairs if necessary.

    Basement waterproofing companies will discuss their recommendations, often based on whether it is a block foundation or poured concrete. Common solutions for basement waterproofing include:

    • strong>Concrete foundation repair.Basement waterproofing companies will often recommend filling seams and cracks with hydraulic cement, to prevent further water damage. Or, if you have a sinking foundation that exacerbates the water leakage situation, they may opt for foundation repair.
    • Block foundation repair.If your blocks appear to have shifted, or have wall cracks from water seepage or foundation settlement, a minor basement waterproofing maintenance solution may be just to apply a wall coating.
    • Maintenance or major repairs?Major repairs for either type of foundation may require wall bracing, or an engineered bracing system to prevent further settlement and water damage. For substantial foundation repairs and basement waterproofing services,

    In your search for basement waterproofing companies, be sure to ask about egress windows. If you have any bedrooms or sleeping areas in your basement, egress windows are required by building code, so that occupants can escape in an emergency. If you only have ventilation windows in your basement, but no other window for exiting in case of an emergency, a basement waterproofing company can also install egress windows, and will professionally seal the windows to prevent any water seepage or mold. Glass block windows add additional privacy for basement bedroom areas.

    The three basic basement waterproofing methods recommended by basement waterproofing companies:

    • Interior sealants.Temporary but effective way to reduce moisture and humidity.
    • Interior water drainage.Very effective method for draining and diverting water away from your home’s footers, and outside, below your basement foundation.
    • Exterior basement waterproofing.Usually accomplished at the time of a home’s construction, exterior basement waterproofing involves trenching around the foundation, and applying polymers and membranes on the exterior of the basement walls. It is the most costly effective method of basement waterproofing maintenance, but is also known to occasionally clog exterior drainage pipes, which can damage other exterior structures and landscaping.

    In addition to the benefits of basement waterproofing for your foundation’s integrity, waterproofing is also beneficial to your family’s health. The Environmental Protection Agencyoffers tips about indoor air quality, and stresses the importance of basement waterproofing as a means for a safe interior. Isn’t it time for a consultation with a basement waterproofing company to evaluate and maintain the safety of your home?


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