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Whether someone lives in an apartment, condo, house, or college dorm, one thing is for sure: they have furniture. Modern furniture can be not only practical, but also serve as decoration, and help add flair to any room and set the theme. But what is modern furniture, by definition? Overall, answering “what is modern furniture” means describing the shifts in furniture styles from the early 1900s to today, and there are some distinct differences. Today’s furniture stores may offer anything from Amish furniture to sleeper couches to storage beds and kitchen tables, and a whole lot more. How might a buyer find the right furniture for their living space, and create the ideal interior environment for themselves?

What is Modern Furniture

Some furniture shoppers may see that certain couches or chairs or tables are advertised as modern furniture, and they may wonder: what is modern furniture, anyway? Overall, modern furniture is built to be resource-efficient and practical above all else, which sets it apart from ornate, highly decorated furniture from previous eras, such as the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Metal and processed wood are common materials for modern furniture, and a benefit of this style is giving the furniture a sleek and timeless look. Ornate Edwardian furniture may look oddly out of place in most contexts, but a modern style chair or table can look good just about anywhere. Such furniture became much more common after the Second World War, and the trend continues today. Many furniture designers in the 1950s through 1970s made an effort to create pieces that are utilitarian and streamlined, but also comfortable and attractive in a more humble way (compared to earlier furniture types).

Buying Furniture

For the most part, today’s furniture shoppers are going to buy modern style furniture, and antique furniture can be found at antique stores or from private sellers. This is a huge market; furniture ranks third among all major purchases that adult Americans make, behind only housing and cars. Not only that, but most surveyed furniture shoppers agree that furniture must be durable and high quality. Over 90% of shoppers want their furniture to last five to 10 years, and couches and beds may be expected to last as much as 15 years. Most furniture today is made with wood or metal, and can be highly durable. Amish made furniture is built by hand, and despite not using power tools or modern factories, Amish craftsmen are known for making some of the most durable and practical wooden furniture of all.

Buyers can find specific furniture they want through online catalogs, but it is also common and practical to visit local furniture retailers. At these outlets, shoppers can consult the staff there to have their questions answered and get recommendations, which can help narrow down the field and find good furniture that fits their needs. Many buyers can also sit on or lay on furniture there in the store, to test their comfort and durability. Large furniture may then be shipped to the buyer’s residence by truck.

Furniture in the Home

Interior design experts recommend that American homeowners update their interior decor every five to 10 years, and many surveyed Americans do exactly that. After all, furniture can not only define a room’s purpose, but decorate it and reflect the homeowner’s changing tastes and lifestyle (which are bound to change over time). Putting in fresh furniture and rearranging it doesn’t require any contractors, and it can impress house guests, too. Rugs, drapes, and lighting fixtures can also be changed for a similar effect.

Of course, a homeowner can also swap out furniture to change a room’s function. Child-sized beds, desks, chairs, and toy chests can be bought, and when an adult child moves out, their old, empty bedroom can be converted into a guest bedroom, with aesthetically neutral beds, desks, dresser, and the like. Or it can become a hobby room with a work table or desk, storage cube organizers, and the like. For apartments with limited spaces, comfort sleepers and storage beds are a fine idea. Sleeper couches can unfold into a bed if there is no room for a regular guest bed, and storage beds have drawers in their bodies, so they can take the place of a standalone dresser.


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