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Having a garden can be a wonderful thing and something that can be accomplished with just about any size of yard. Gardening can be a great way to enjoy a wide variety of different amenities, from a beautiful yard to even fruits and vegetables, depending on what it is that you choose to grow. Gardening can also be great for your mental health as well, bringing some much needed relaxation into your life. For many reasons, gardening and having a garden has long been popular here in the United States.

And having a garden is something that is likely to remain quite popular as well. Older generations still make up the majority of all gardeners found in the United States (up to 35% of them, to be just a bit more specific), but many younger people are participating in garden growing or gardening in another capacity as well. As a matter of fact, people who fall between the age of 18 and 34 now make up more than one quarter (around 29%) of all gardeners in the United States. In the years that are to come, this percentage is only likely to grow and grow.

After all, just about anyone can garden, even if they don’t have a traditional outdoor garden space. Owning houseplants, for instance, has become more commonplace than ever before, with nearly one third of all families throughout the country owning at least one houseplant. Houseplants can be grown in many different spaces and even in homes where the lighting is not the best. Many houseplants thrive in indoor spaces and are relatively easy to care for. And growing and owning houseplants is certainly a great hobby and activity, one that also serves as a benefit to your environment in many different ways.

Growing a traditional outdoor garden is, of course, also still very popular indeed. Getting started might seem intimidating, but going to a local garden center can help you to understand more about gardening – and your options for what to grow in your garden. Plants and succulents of all kinds can be found in the typical garden center, with employees able to tell you exactly what types of plants will grow well in your own home. Plants that are native to the area, for instance, are likely to be best suited to any given outdoor garden. This is due to the fact that plants that are native to the area are likely to grow better in said area. This means that they are much lower maintenance than other types of plants – likely to be easier to keep alive as well as easier on the planet as well, as you will not need to use as many fertilizers or as much water to keep such plants in good standing.

But though having this is something that can be beneficial in a whole host of different ways, it will still also be hugely important to set aside some money for your garden as well. Not only will this help to ensure that you have the best quality garden possible, but this will help to ensure that you can keep up with your garden in the first place. After all, gardening can actually end up being more expensive than many people realize when they are first starting out. As a matter of fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject is more than in support of this claim. This data shows that the average household was likely to spend just over $500 over the course of one single year when it came to spending on their garden. This was the average that was generated in the year of 2017 as well, meaning that expenses for gardening have likely only increased in the time that has followed since.

At the end of the day, there are many things to consider when it comes to gardening. Ultimately, having one is something that is possible and sustainable for just about anyone, even if you think you might not be able to garden due to a lack of backyard space. Fortunately, there are gardening options out there for just about anyone and everyone in America.


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