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Several species of trees have made a name for themselves as sources of high-quality lumber, but not all trees grow the same. Different wood is preferable for different kind of work, from large to small furniture to house frames to smaller boats (and in the past, bigger boats, too. Hardwood lumber and soft wood lumber are both out there, and some species such as ash are good for baseball bats, while oak is good for desks and wardrobes. But cherry wood is another popular and useful species, and its uses are many. Any prospective builder or repair man can find some, and search “Where can I buy cherry wood” into a search engine or into a smart phone to find the right place for this and other hardwoods, and get the best timber prices for the job.

The Perks of Cherry Wood

Among the species of trees used for wood-based work, cherry stands out as a strong competitor. According to Kitchen Cabinet Kings, cherry wood is harvested from the cherry tree, a hardwood that is often tough and beautiful to look at, coming in a variety of colors. Even colonial carpenters from centuries past made use of this wood for furniture and other construction, and its popularity endures today. It also has a smooth and satiny grain that can be enhanced when stain is applied to it, and it can also be steamed. All of this, and its limited warping due to humidity and its relatively cheap price, make it one of the more attractive lumber options. Sawmills can make big business by handling cherry wood, so searching “Where can I buy cherry wood” can point a buyer right to it and get down to business.

Buying the Wood

Searching “Where can I buy cherry wood” will lead the buyer to one of several different locations, with advantages to each. For one thing, common construction and hardware retail stores will be clear options, and on-site staff can help a buyer find the right hardwoods for their intended projects. The advantage here is that these locations are easily found and navigated, especially for someone who is new to hardware work and lumber, as opposed to a skilled craftsman. However, the prices may be higher here, and the options may be more limited due to the store’s diverse inventory, and more dedicated wood workers may be disappointed with the retail store’s offerings, while novices may not have this problem.

Searching “Where can I buy cherry wood” can lead a buyer to a lumber mill or to sawmills, and while these locations are not quite as on the map as brand-name retailers, more advanced and savvy wood workers will almost definitely find what they need here. According to Life Hacker, the options are wider here, and better deals can be had. Here, the grade, species, size, and type of cut are all factors in the wood for sale, and inexperienced buyers may not be ready for the measurement systems used here, which differ from those at brand-name retailers.

For one thing, hardwood is measured in quarters, and as an example, one inch is four quarters, or 4/4. 12/4 and 6/4 are also common measurements for wood at a mill. When buying from a retailer, a buyer will keep track of the wood’s board feet, measuring the length, width, and thickness. For example, a piece of hardwood may be 6″ wide, 8′ long, and 4/4 deep. Here, buying plainsawn wood is the cheapest option, but quartersawn wood yields more attractive grain on the wood, making it ideal for furniture and toys. Riftsawn is similar to quartersawn but has more uniform lines in it, making it a popular choice for flooring. Wood grade is another factor to bear in mind for budget and intended use.

One good way to search “Where can I buy cherry wood” is to contact a local lumber guild or association and ask them for recommendations on sawmills and lumber yards, and hardwood dealers, too. The buyer must keep in mind that retail sellers and general lumber yards will have more limited options than dedicated sawmills.


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