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What Are Custom Modular Homes?

Modular construction is the creation of custom built homes and buildings out of multiple pre-fabricated sections called modules, which are assembled in a remote facility and then transported to their destination. Modular builders can create custom designed homes and buildings by mixing and matching different components to create a single structure. This provides builders and clients with a wide variety of options for layouts and configuration.

How Are Custom Modular Homes Built?

Components of modular homes are usually built on indoor assembly lines under the supervision of independent building inspectors. Building can take anywhere from ten days to three months, depending on the complexity of the module. Once the module is transported to the new custom homes site, custom homes builders can assemble them in hours to days. Once they’re finished, they’re almost impossible to tell apart from traditionally built homes.

Are Modular Homes Different Than Mobile Homes?

Modular homes differ from mobile or manufactured homes in two key ways. Modular homes lack the axles and frames that are used to transport mobile homes, since modular homes are usually delivered by flat-bed trucks. Unlike mobile homes, modular homes are required to conform to local building codes that apply to traditional buildings with the same purpose.

Who Can Benefit from Custom Modular Homes?

Modular homes and buildings can be used as permanent or temporary facilities. This makes them especially practical for use in civilian and military housing, construction camps, schools, and industrial facilities. Modular housing may also be more practical than traditional building methods in areas that are too rural or remote to accommodate lengthy and complex construction procedures. Modular buildings have also been used for temporary health care facilities, retail offices, fast food restaurants and churches.

If you think your building project would be better served by going modular, contact a home builder in your area and see what they can do.

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