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Do you have all the tools and equipment you need for an upcoming or ongoing project? If not, have you considered renting, rather than purchasing, these tools?

One of the well-known rules of thumb in the construction industry is that you should consider renting equipment when you only need it 60%-to-70% of the time. This can cut down on your overhead as well as give you peace-of-mind because you know it will be in good working order.

Over recent years, approximately 51% of new construction equipment can be found at rental companies. In general, this is because the original purchaser may have only needed it for a one-time project or for a brief period of time.

It’s important to know that you can rent construction tools and equipment for a single day or up to a year. When you’re finished with the equipment rentals and your project is completed, all you have to do is return it to the rental company.

If you need these tools and equipment for a home DIY project, you probably don’t have the space to store extra equipment. While you could rent additional storage space, why incur that cost when you can rent?

Rather than purchasing tools and equipment for your next or ongoing project, there are quite a few items that you can rent. Consider this selection, for example:

    Aluminum scaffolding

        Bobcat equipment
        Chain saws lockport

            Compaction equipment
            Concrete tools
            Floor removal machine

                Ladder scaffolding
                Scissor lift
                Wood chipper

                  When you have existing equipment that’s in need of repair, rental companies usually provide that service as well. While you’re waiting for your equipment to be repaired, you can rent the necessary equipment until yours has been returned.

                  When you have a project underway, especially when there’s a specific timeline for completion, you want to be able to deliver when you promised. Equipment rentals can assist you with meeting these deadlines.

                  If your project is in the planning stages, and you haven’t yet begun due to not having all of the right equipment to complete the job, then knowing there are equipment rentals available can make a major difference in getting started–and completing–that project.

                  Whether your current project is a DIY home remodel or a commercial construction project, an equipment rentals company can usually provide most of the tools and equipment that you will need. Get more on this here.


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