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If you decide to renovate your home, you’ll have many choices to make. When it comes time to direct the contractors renovating your home, why not take this opportunity to get your dream home from the remodeling? You can share your dreams with the contractors before they begin work. Here are some ideas that might help inspire you as you build your dream home:

Build an Extension

If your family has begun to outgrow your home, a home extension may be a logical part of the renovation efforts. Before you start work on a home extension, be sure you have the construction permits you need to allow contractors to begin working legally. You can find information about the permits you need at your town’s permit offices. Wise homeowners know that all home remodelers must secure needed permits before construction begins.

Some of the decisions you’ll need to make include where the extension will originate. Extra space can be added at the side or the rear of the home. If a considerable amount of space is needed, you may decide to add another level to your home. Once you know where you want the extension to go, you can let the contractor know your plans.

In many cases, building an extension will require removing some of the walls inside your home. To safely remove walls, you’ll need interior demolition services. A professional demolition contractor will know how to safely remove any walls or other structures and how to dispose of the demolished material in an environmentally friendly way. Your construction contractor may have a recommendation for you, so be sure to ask them.

Get a New Water Heating System

According to Forbes, the average water heater repair can cost $185 to more than $800. The same source estimates that a water heater typically lasts 8 – 12 years. If you have had to repair your water heater too frequently, consider a new hot water heater installation. To get the job done safely, you’ll need a professional plumber.

One of the first hints that you need a new water heater could be the sight of water leaking from the tank. If you’ve been experiencing inconsistent water temperatures, the appliance’s thermostat may be the problem. When a water heater has been used for an extended period, sediment can build up in its tank and connector tubing, blocking the free passage of water through the system. If this is your problem, flushing the lines may relieve it instead of replacing the entire appliance.

Get New Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of your home’s water management system. When a storm comes to your neighborhood, your gutters redirect the stormwater onto the ground and away from your home. If you notice a crack or gap in your gutters, you should get them replaced. Leaving leaky gutters in their current state will place your home at risk for water damage.

All home remodelers experiencing roof drainage problems should consider the possibility the problem could be with your gutters. When you look at your gutters, check for areas where they appear to be sagging away from the roof. Sagging gutters may be a sign that the brackets of the gutters are loose. If you see this, replacing the gutters with new ones is a good idea.

If you decide to install new gutters and ask which gutter features are essential, you will likely discover it is a wise idea to get gutters with gutter covers. A gutter cover is an additional part that goes over the gutter to filter the water coming into it. This additional gutter feature may be especially appropriate if you live in a rainy climate. Gutters and gutter covers are frequently installed or replaced during a roofing remodel.

Install a New Roof

According to Ruby Home, when homeowners decide to remodel their home, 20% of them include remodeling the roof. According to Amica, the average life of a roof is 20 – 30 years. Signs you may need a new roof include water leaking from the roof or light coming from cracks in the roof. If an observation of the roof from the outdoors shows loose shingles, that’s another reason to repair or replace the roof.

If you’re seeking a “green” design for your roof, you could follow the trend of creating a living roof, covered with living vegetation. Other eco-friendly solutions may include roof materials made of recycled plastic and rubber. You might also choose “cool” roof coatings with reflective properties that decrease the degree of heat absorption.

One type of roof design that has consistently retained popularity is a flat roof. Flat roofs blend with almost any type of decor. According to Lifetime Roofing, flat roofs have a low price tag. The same site estimates the price of a flat roof is about 80 cents per foot.

Install New Doors

If your remodeling efforts result in a style change to a room or a large part of your home, upgrading to a new door makes sense. For example, the door to a teen girl’s room (which you decorated into her dream room) can be switched to a French door. As for your front door, you may take this opportunity to install new locks or security features as a more secure front door is likely to increase your ROI.

All home remodelers should know that there are times you need to contact a door company rather than ask the general contractor to install the new door of your choice. New door trends are stressing utilize traditional materials, including natural-looking wooden doors. These doors appeal to minimalists and nature lovers.

If you seek a unique door style, invisible doors are gaining popularity. These doors can be made of acrylic or tempered glass that stretches across the floor (where a wall would be). Another interpretation of an invisible door is a door covered by material that matches the wall or cabinet where it is located. This type of door is often used in movie mysteries; someone might press a hidden button or inward to enter.

Install a New AC System

No matter which decorative theme your dream home remodel may take, all home remodelers will want their home to be at a comfortable temperature. If you have a contract with an HVAC professional, ask them to inspect your system before beginning your renovation. An HVAC inspection will review your home’s heating and cooling systems. After your inspection, act on any suggestions the contractor may have that directly impact your home’s safety.

If you don’t have any urgent issues to follow up on, many trending HVAC updates may fit into a “dream home” update. Air conditioners used to be big, bulky boxes that didn’t blend with any style. Today’s air conditioners are slimmer, more energy-efficient, and compatible with any “smart” systems you may also have installed in the rest of your home.

The smart hub in your home can act as a thermostat and set a regulator for your water temperature during your dishwasher and laundry cycles. Energy-efficient systems can also transform your ability to keep your home heated. If you buy a new appliance as part of your renovation, look for an “Energy Star” on the appliance. Energy Star appliances are engineered to work more efficiently with less energy consumption.

When it comes to adding a new heating and air conditioning system, it can seem like a large investment. Creating your dream home is a huge decision, but these small details are very important. Building your dream home allows you to create an HVAC system that fits perfectly with the layout of your new home. This customization ensures that the system is energy efficient, as the system can be designed to meet the needs of your new house. Modern systems usually use more environmentally friendly refrigerants, which can help you reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re passionate about the planet and want to add value to your home, investing in environmentally conscious products is the best way to start. Want to sell your home sometime in the future? Enhance your curb appeal by choosing modern environmentally friendly heating and cooling products to fuel your home. Additionally, when you invest in a new air conditioning system, you will have warranties and support with them. Your local plumbing contractors will help you keep your systems in check and ensure that they last you for years to come. Get in touch with your local plumbing company today to start making informed decisions when it comes to your air conditioning system!

Hire a Plumber

You may not automatically consider your plumbing system when planning a home remodel. However, conceiving of a dream home means you can discover new things to include in that dream. All home remodelers will want to keep safety first in their plumbing. Because of this, you should have an inspection before your remodel, and then follow the inspector’s recommendations.

If you have a smart hub, you can let it regulate toilet flush levels or signal you when any of your plumbing pipelines spring a leak. When you shower, you can use a pre-heat button for your shower. Instead of wasting water as your shower heats up, you can push a button to internally heat the water before entering the shower.

Another way to save water is with a tankless water heater, which only pumps water once you turn the faucet to signal your needs. One part of your plumbing system your plumber should pay special attention to is your drains. Any drain services or a drain replacement should be considered a matter of safety, and be prioritized on your list of goals for the home remodel.

Remodel Your Basement

As one of the elements of your dream home remodel, why not take the opportunity to transform your basement into whatever you may have dreamed it could be? Basement remodelers with a hobby may decide to use the space as an art or photography studio. If you equip your basement walls with shelves, they can hold your collectibles or jars full of produce picked from your garden.

Many homeowners use the opportunity of a remodel to change their basement into a spare bedroom. If you decide to do that, get the necessary permits before making structural changes. As part of the remodeling efforts, heat and electricity should extend to the basement. Paint the walls in a color you like, hang some curtains, and enjoy your new room.

Transforming your basement into a new room doesn’t mean it has to be a bedroom. You can turn it into a family entertainment room (complete with a movie screen). Some men want a man cave, and others might want to set up a home office. It’s your basement, and the dreams of all home remodelers won’t be the same.

Remodel Your Garage

Your garage protects your car, so it’s a good idea to include it in your home update. If the roof is leaking or the garage’s structure is damaged, those repairs should be prioritized. If not, check the garage door to see if it needs repair or replacement. According to OGD, garage doors typically must be replaced every 7 -10 years.

However, they may not need to be replaced if they are properly maintained. If you notice the garage door hesitating when you open or close it or hear a squeak when it opens or closes, you will know you need to perform garage door spring repairs. All home remodelers understand that there are times when repairs are beyond our abilities. When those times occur, you can contact a garage door company to assist you.

You may be interested in learning that technology can offer features that can improve your experience with your garage door. New automatic garage door openers now exist, allowing you to use the opener even if the power has gone out, at your home. Sensors can be added to your garage door to offer enhanced security systems that signal you remotely if an intruder tries to get into the garage.

Install a Pool

As a bonus to your dream home, why not add a swimming pool? Contact your local professional pool builders to create a place for your family to enjoy fun in the water. A professional pool installation company will work with you to create the design of your choice and draw it on the ground in your yard. All home remodelers may not be aware that the addition of a pool can increase your property value.

According to Tucson Pool Builders, the excavation process can take about two days, and you will then need to get permits to install the pool. The same website reports the next stages consist of using steel to form the pool’s structure and installing plumbing fixtures to allow water into the pool. The pool will also need electricity to keep the water warm and activate a pool filter.

A concrete shell is poured, then the tile is pressed into the concrete around the pool’s perimeter. The pool contractor will complete the final stages. Once the pool is finished, you and your family will have many years of enjoyment ahead of you.

All home remodelers will come to learn that a home remodel can be an overwhelming process. But, if you keep visualizing your dream home, it will make the construction process more tolerable. Keep in close communication with your contractors and ask for regular updates. Your dream home will be worth it when all the updates are completed.


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