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In your bathroom, comfort is what you probably look for. You want to be able to walk into your bathroom, slip into a comfortable shower, and take your time enjoying the fresh water. Looking around your bathroom, you should feel as if you are in a place that feels warm, inviting, and elegant. But this does not happen by merely dreaming it. You have to fit your bathroom with the best, most efficient fixtures to get the ambiance you desire.

For this reason, many people design their bathrooms with particular tubs, sinks, cabinets, and toilets in mind. There are many different kinds of tubs available that can give you ample space to move around during your shower, and optimize your bathing experience. Corner tubs are often deeper than conventional bathtubs because of their shape. Walk in tubs are also spacious, and allow a bather to get in before filling the tub, or use a hand-held shower head to bathe. You can also invest in whirlpool shower baths that come with jets for massage purposes.

There are also water efficient toilets that can save you money by using less water to flush. Toilet design has come a long way since the first patent for an American toilet was granted in 1857. This toilet was called, the “plunger closet.” After Thomas MacAvity Stewart patented the vortex-flushing toilet bowl in 1907, which had a self-cleansing effect, several other toilets were manufactured, each trying to conserve more water usage. Today, you can buy pressurized toilets, that utilize 2 separate tanks to flush. The inner tank is sealed shut, and the air inside this tank gets compressed when water is fed from the water line of the toilet. This way, the water is forced out by the compressed air from the tank, instead of falling by the force of gravity when someone flushes the toilet.

In addition to these fixtures, your corner bathroom sink cabinets should also match the decor of your bathroom. If your corner bathroom sink cabinets are not the right color, or are outdated, they will be the first thing you notice when you walk into your bathroom.

If you feel that there are items in your bathroom that could look better, and be more efficient, consider replacing them with newer models. The money you invest will save you in the long run, and give you the best bathing experience.


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