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Whirlpool shower baths

The choices are seemingly endless when it comes to bathroom cabinets, types of vanities and sinks. A less expensive wall-hung sink could run you as little as $50, but a higher-end furniture quality vanity with cabinets can be as much as $5000. Some sinks are what’s called self-contained while others need to be installed as part of a counter-top or even mounted into cabinetry. There isn’t one best vanity style — many options are manufactured since there are so many bathroom designs they need to fit into.
Here are some of the more common bathroom vanity and sink types as well as two newly popularized styles to help you get familiarized with your options.

  • Wall Mounted Sink
    Perhaps the most common, basic of the bathroom sink options, often found in older buildings, used when space and money is tight. These mount directly to the wall, attached with special brackets with no under support. Piping is usually left exposed.

  • Pedestal Sink
    A classic, also found in older buildings, but a bit more elegant than the wall-mount. The sink mounts on top of a pedestal that provides support from the floor up as well as an additional wall mount for added stability. Piping is conveniently hidden in the pedestal.

  • Vessel Sink Vanity
    A unique looking, newer fixture that’s quickly gained popularity, the sink actually sits atop the counter, which is is usually fastened to a floor-mounted base which is also attached to the wall for additional stability. These fancy installations are most appropriate for new construction or major renovation since they also require a different type of faucet and drainage system. Piping is hidden in the base.

  • Framed Sink
    Framed sinks are installed in a vanity counter top and are extremely common is apartment complexes and less expensive new home developments. The sink is “dropped” (or sunk) into the counter with metal framing around the perimeter. Piping is concealed under the sink.

  • Drop-In Vanity Sink
    Also called a self-rimming sink or surface-mounted sink, this is also usually in a vanity counter top and is extremely popular in developments new and old. These tend to have a thick lip that extends beyond the perimeter of the sink hole to provide a framed look. Piping is hidden in the vanity.

  • Under-Mounted Sink
    This is another newer but quickly becoming popular choice, offering a look similar to the framed and drop models, but require solid surface counters for installation (stone, Corian, Silestone). They mount from the underside of the counter and are just slightly bigger than the opening above. Piping is concealed in the vanity.
    Obviously, there are many more types of vanities than are listed here, but this provides a basic overview. Certainly if there’s space, bathroom double sink vanities are also quite popular and can be done in most of the styles listed here. If you need a corner bathroom sink cabinet, best to consult with a designer or contractor beforehand to ascertain which options are applicable. The overall style and bathroom design may eliminate certain options while making others seem more sensible.
    Be sure to consult with your contractor about water efficient toilets and faucets that can help with saving water. This may also impact the types of vanities you end up choosing from.
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