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Industrial equipment cleaning

In addition to providing cool special effects for stage and film productions, dry ice, also known as CO2, is a great way to maintain the freshness of perishables. Dry ice can be as cold as negative 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which is twice the cooling energy of regular H2O ice. Contrary to H2O ice, however, dry ice does not melt; it vaporizes as it changes from a solid to a gas state. This sublimation creates the cool aforementioned special effect of smoke without the flame, and, more importantly, effectively preserves or cleans without the hazards associated with other cleaning methods.

Because of the extreme temperature of dry ice, it can be used for more than preservation applications. Dry ice blasting services are often sought out environmental cleaning services because they are environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for potentially carcinogenic chemicals. The method of Co2 blasting or CO2 cleaning is not only natural, but its intense and accelerated stream offers a very effective cleaning method. Additionally, because dry ice blasting replaces harmful chemical solvents with a natural substance, it has a minimal effect on adding to greenhouse gases. For do it your self types, many dry ice blasting companies offer dry ice blasting rental services. This is a great option for a one time cleaning application, however, it does require minimal training to ensure safe operation.


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